Flagstaff Arts Council

The Flagstaff Arts Council , Wednesday, announced that 22 nonprofits have been awarded nearly $70,000  through the COVID-19 Art and Science Nonprofit Relief Fund.


Authorities say a pilot is dead after a helicopter he was flying crashed yesterday while fighting a wildfire near Payson.


The Navajo Nation continues to record new cases of coronavirus but overall numbers are still declining on the reservation.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The coronavirus pandemic has laid open dramatic inequalities in the United States. People of color are more likely to be hospitalized or die from COVID-19, and researchers say that’s because of longstanding issues with racism, poverty, and preexisting health challenges. Lisa Hardy is a medical anthropologist at Northern Arizona University who surveyed hundreds of people about their experiences during the pandemic. In this week’s update on the science of COVID-19, she spoke with KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny about the close links between the pandemic and social justice. 

Michael Collier

It can be a thrilling sight to see a herd of pronghorn running across wide open space. This swift, Indigenous North American animal, is colloquially known as an “antelope,” but in fact, it isn’t related to Old World antelope at all.