The House Intelligence Committee has released the transcript of the closed-door deposition at the impeachment inquiry into President Trump by a foreign service officer detailed to work in the office of Vice President Pence.

Jennifer Williams was assigned to Pence's team in the spring to work on European and Russian issues. She was the first person from his office to testify in the inquiry into whether Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine while seeking a political favor. Trump denies he made such an offer.

NPR's Michel Martin talks with Lory Martinez, host and creator of the Mija Podcast, about how it's an audio love letter to Queens, N.Y., and its Latinx communities.

When Carrie Goldberg broke up with her boyfriend of a few months, frightening things started happening. He sent her hundreds of threatening messages. He contacted her friends, family and even work colleagues on Facebook to spread vicious lies about her — and that wasn't all. One night she opened her laptop to find email after email containing intimate pictures of her, including a graphic video filmed without her consent. Goldberg, a lawyer, went to the police and was told there was nothing that could be done.

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Travis Olsen, who left his career at the Department of Homeland Security because of President Trump's policies, and is currently a Democratic candidate for Congress.

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with three Republicans who won elections earlier this month — Diana Irey Vaughan, Nick Sherman and Michael Adams — about what their victories mean for the 2020 election.