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Arizona reported only 625 additional cases of the coronavirus on Monday, a day after the state saw its most cases recorded in a single day since the pandemic began.

The Navajo Nation tribal government is opposing the State of New Mexico’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit centering on public education. The lawsuit Yazzie/Martinez v. the State of New Mexico alleges New Mexico failed to provide a sufficient education for at-risk students including Native Americans.

Hundreds of firefighters made some progress Monday against major wildfires across Arizona. Crews were fighting fires in the Santa Catalina Mountains in the Coronado National Forest overlooking Tucson, in the Tonto National Forest northeast of metro Phoenix, the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in northeast Arizona and in the Kaibab National Forest north of the Grand Canyon.

Tobias Alt

Officials at Grand Canyon National Park say rangers had to rescue a river runner and several hikers who were overcome by the heat last weekend.

The combined total of county jail inmates, state prisoners and federal immigration detainees in Arizona who have tested positive for the coronavirus has surpassed 1,100 cases.

Authorities report 496 positive cases among inmates in county jails, 318 among state prisoners and 317 among immigration detainees. Arizona has emerged as a COVID-19 hot spot since Republican Gov. Doug Ducey lifted his stay-home orders in mid-May.  Across the state on Monday, the number of new cases was slightly down from a day earlier. There have been 2,196 additional cases, down from 2,592 on Sunday.