American Visitors To Mexico Urged To Use Caution In Wake Of Violence South Of Border

Nov 8, 2019

An unusual string of violent events south of Arizona's border with Mexico has sparked travel warnings by American authorities.


Unaccustomed to the kind of violence long seen along some parts of the Texas-Mexico border, frequent border crossers in Arizona say they'll now think twice about traveling after dark and will confine themselves to busy commercial areas.

The precautions follow a fatal border shootout and the killing farther south of three women and six children in an ambush by cartel gunmen.

In addition, authorities discovered at least 42 bodies and skeletons last month in pits near Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point.

Since April, the U.S. State Department has suggested that U.S. citizens reconsider travel plans to Sonora, calling it a key location for the drug trade and human trafficking.