Arizona Governor Gives Raises To Aides Despite Lean Budget

Oct 19, 2017

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has given 44 of his staffers raises of up to 20 percent despite offering teachers raises of less than 1 percent because of a lean budget.


Arizona Governor Doug Ducey
Credit AP

The Arizona Republic reports that records the newspaper obtained indicate the Republican governor gave the majority of his staff a raise, a promotion or both since he took office in 2015.

Ducey's spokesman says the raises to aides went to individuals "who have really proven themselves and done good work."

The governor has also promoted at least 40 employees and their salary increases ranged from 5 to 100 percent.

Ducey has given raises and bonuses to a number of political appointees as well. The average raise given to 28 agency directors and deputy directors was a little over 10 percent.