Arizona History Project Displays Photos of 4 Corners Region

Apr 29, 2019

A collection of photos taken in the Four Corners region by a prominent Arizona ranching family during the late 19th and early 20th centuries is being called a snapshot of history.

John Wetherill (left) and an unidentified man pose with the spires of Monument Valley in the background.
Credit Arizona Memory Project/Arizona State Research library

The State of Arizona Research Library says the selection of images from the Wetherill family's collection can be viewed online at as part of the Arizona Memory Project.

Curatorial Specialist Jannelle Weakly says the Wetherills were ranchers, traders, explorers, and amateur archaeologists who participated in the discovery, excavation, research and preservation of significant sites in the Four Corners area.

The collection includes photos from John Wetherill's travels to Rainbow Bridge, Monument Valley, and Mesa Verde. The photographs also include ones Wetherill took of American Indians, including notable Navajo leaders Hosteen Luca and Wolfkiller.