Arizona Sends Out 580,000 Incorrect Tax Forms

Feb 1, 2017

Credit Ken Reid/ Photolibrary/ Getty Images

The state of Arizona sent incorrect statements of refunds received last year to about 580,000 taxpayers, a mistake that could cause them to file inaccurate tax returns this year.

The 1099-G forms for 2016 are supposed to show refunds taxpayers received after filing their 2015 tax return. Instead, the Department of Revenue sent out forms showing the 2014 refund amount. They're clearly marked as "2014" forms.

The state sent the correct information to the Internal Revenue Service.

Taxpayers use the forms to fill out their state and federal tax returns. Using the incorrect information could cause a taxpayer's return to be flagged by the IRS.

The state is working to send corrected forms and is trying to determine how the error occurred, Department of Revenue spokesman Ed Greenberg said Tuesday.

The mix-up only affects people who got a state tax refund last year and who itemized their deductions. Taxpayers can still file their 2016 taxes by using information they have on their 2015 tax filings or by waiting for updated 1099G forms from the state.

Taxpayers with questions can check the department's website at or email the department at: