ASU Prof Breaks COVID-19 Safety Guidelines, Forces Students To Sit In Front Rows

Sep 4, 2020

An Arizona State University professor who forced his students to sit in the first two rows of his classroom, violating the school’s coronavirus guidelines, will allow students to choose their own seats in the future after the incident was posted on social media.

ASU Professor Thomas Seager teaching his class after making them sit only in the first two rows, in violation of the school's social distancing guidelines
Credit Screenshot via dougie623 | Reddit

The university's assistant vice president for media relations, Jay Thorne, acknowledged the incident and said the university spoke to Professor Thomas Seager about complying with the school's restrictions. The allegations were initially posted on Reddit. Seager declined to comment and referred The Associated Press to Thorne. The Arizona Republic reports ASU had 775 confirmed cases of the coronavirus among its student body as of Monday.