Border Wall Construction Underway After Initial Delays

Aug 23, 2019

Construction on a 2-mile portion of replacement fencing funded by President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration is underway in southern Arizona.


It’s one of several projects that will build hundreds of miles of new and replacement barriers along the U.S./Mexico border. Crews broke ground on the project Thursday and plan on installing 30-foot steel fencing to replace older barriers next to the official border crossing this week.

The project is funded through the Defense Department. Use of the department's money was previously frozen by lower courts while a lawsuit proceeded. But the U.S. Supreme Court last month cleared the way for the use of about $2.5 billion.

Environmentalists have sued over some of the construction contracts, saying they would damage wildlife habitat.

A border wall was a major milestone of the president's election campaign. Congress this year allocated $1.4 billion, but the president wanted much more.