Brother Of Airman Charged With Murder Resolves Arizona Case

Aug 26, 2020

The brother of a U.S. Air Force airman charged with murder has entered a plea agreement in a separate but related case.


Samuel Gooch, left, pleaded guilty for attempting to pick up the rifle he thought was allegedly used in the killing of Sasha Krause, upper right, by his brother, Mark Gooch, lower right.
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Under the agreement, Samuel Gooch would avoid any time behind bars. He is scheduled to be sentenced in early October. Authorities had accused him of flying to Arizona from Wisconsin to pick up what he thought was the rifle used in the shooting of 27-year-old Sasha Krause. Gooch's brother, Mark, has pleaded not guilty in Krause's death. The Mennonite woman disappeared from northwestern New Mexico in January. Her body was found later in the forest outside Flagstaff.