Cleanup Of Former Prescott Shooting Range On Forest Nearly Done

Apr 24, 2017

A bulldozer moves the last pile of dirt that Engineering Remediation Resource Group will move to a Phoenix landfill later this week as they have almost finished cleaning up the dirt with high lead content at the former Prescott Sportsmen's Club Shooting Range bear Granite Basin Tuesday, April 18 in Prescott.
Credit Les Stukenberg/Daily Courier

The environmental cleanup of a former shooting range in Prescott is nearly done with removal of contaminated dirt with high lead content.

Gun enthusiasts used the former Prescott Sportsmen's Club shooting range from 1957 through 2014, leaving fragments of bullets, shot pellets and other miscellaneous debris on the 25-acre site on the Prescott National Forest.

The Daily Courier reports that a contractor has been doing the cleanup work at the site near Wildwood Estates and Iron Springs Road for the Forest Service.

The contractor in November began removing and disposing of contaminated soil and in January excavated more of the site. Workers in late March began hauling material to a hazardous -waste facility in the Phoenix area.

The project's final work includes grading, erosion control, and seeding.