Coconino County Mobilizes Resources for Possible Museum Fire Flooding

Jul 31, 2019

Coconino County flood control managers have been working around the clock in recent days to mitigate flooding from the Museum Fire. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports, they’re drawing on experience from 2010’s Schultz Fire.

Sandbags and concrete barriers are in place on Grandview Drive in Flagstaff where County officials expect some of the worst flooding to occur as a result of the Museum Fire.
Credit Ryan Heinsius / KNAU

County managers have mobilized contractors, state forestry personnel, conservation groups, and even inmates from the Department of Corrections to place sandbags around homes and businesses. The county’s response mirrors the flood preparation it undertook for five years after the Schultz Fire.

Concrete barriers and sandbags on Grandview Drive in Flagstaff.
Credit Ryan Heinsius / KNAU

"This isn’t our first rodeo. The county went through this experience addressing the flooding response mitigation out in the Schultz Flood area so we were able to mobilize resources very, very quickly," says Lucinda Andreani, flood control district administrator for Coconino County.

Crews have placed sandbags and concrete barriers in the Grandview and Paradise neighborhoods. They’re now working on mitigation efforts in Sunnyside where flooding is expected, but will likely be less severe.

Sandbags and equipment on standby for potential flooding on Grandview Drive in Flagstaff.
Credit Ryan Heinsius / KNAU

Last week, less than a half-inch of precipitation over the burn area caused significant mud and debris to flow in Elden Estates and the Linda Vista area of Flagstaff.

Sandbags line the patio at a Sunnyside home.
Credit Jeff Lusby-Breault

Officials encourage the public to sign up for emergency updates from Coconino County and the National Weather Service.