Coconino NF To Instate Temporary Traffic Cap In Lockett Meadow

Oct 1, 2019

Coconino National Forest officials say they will limit the number of cars that are allowed on the road to Lockett Meadow at one time.

Forest staff will limit traffic on Forest Road 552 to 100 vehicles at a time starting this weekend. Vehicles wishing to travel on the road once the cap has been reached will need to wait until others leave.

 "Due to the popularity of Lockett Meadow as a destination for viewing fall colors and aspen stands, vehicle access to the meadow will be managed over the first few weekends of October to ensure public safety," said a release from the forest.

The limit will not apply to those who are using the Lockett Meadow campground.

A release from the forest says those interested in visiting the area should avoid weekends due to heavy traffic.

It also lists other possible areas in which travelers can see the fall leaves: Hart Prairie Road (FR 151), Around the Peaks Loop (FR 418), Snowbowl Road (FR 516), Freidlein Prairie (FR 522), Schultz Pass (FR 420), Oak Creek Canyon and Mogollon Rim (FR 300).

A map of suggested locations for seeing fall colors from Coconino National Forest.
Credit Coconino National Forest