Court Rules Against Maricopa County Wiretapping

Aug 4, 2017

A court panel has ruled that the wiretapping practices of some Arizona prosecutors violated federal law.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery
Credit Cassondra Strande / Cronkite News

The Arizona Republic reports the tribunal found that Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery did not personally review and approve electronic-surveillance warrant like U.S. law requires. Instead, judges say it was Montgomery's subordinates who approved the applications.

The decision is in response to a civil lawsuit by a woman who claims her privacy was breached when law enforcement officers recorded her conversations during a 2012 narcotics investigation. According to the report, the woman was not subject of the investigation and had no criminal charge.

Montgomery says in a written statement that he reads "each affidavit provided by law enforcement in support of a wiretapping application". He will "most likely" appeal.