Ducey Road Cash Grab Risks Fight In Legislature

Jan 18, 2017

Gov. Doug Ducey delivers his 2017 State of the State Address.
Credit Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey's decision to again take state gas tax money intended to help cities and counties build and repair roads for other uses is getting a cold reception in the Legislature.

The governor's budget proposal eliminates $86.5 million in spending, a decision likely to spur a fight with lawmakers from both parties who have been seeking a permanent stop to shifts of road work cash to other uses.

Legislation that would bar the practice and require gas tax money only be spent on roads has been introduced in the Senate with both Democratic and Republican sponsors.

Republican Sen. Karen Fann said Tuesday that draining the fund year after year is akin to letting a small leak go unrepaired and eventually ruining the whole roof.