Ducey Vetoes State Immunity, Public Meeting Probe Bills

May 1, 2019

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has vetoed legislation that would have expanded the power of the state's Ombudsman-Citizen's Aide to review public meeting violations and a second bill granting legal immunity to state officials who manage federal lands.

Credit Brent Brooks @brentbrooks

The Republican governor said the attorney general and county attorneys have the power to review whether elected officials are violating public meeting laws while behind closed doors in executive sessions and there's no evidence they're not doing so. He said Tuesday the proposal from GOP Sen. David Farnsworth allowing the Ombudsman to access records while investigating those meetings was therefore unnecessary.

The governor also vetoed a bill by Rep. Mark Finchem extending legal immunity to state workers who are managing federal land. He said he didn't see a reason for the legislation.