Federal Court Revives Claim Against Uranium Company

Oct 26, 2018

A federal appeals court has revived a challenge to a company's right to mine uranium near the Grand Canyon.

Credit worldatlas.com

An Obama-era decision prohibits new mining claims in the area.

But that doesn't keep uranium companies with grandfathered claims from developing them.

The U.S. Forest Service concluded in 2012 that Energy Fuels has a valid, existing right to mine outside the national park's South Rim entrance. The company is waiting for uranium prices to rebound before reopening the Canyon Mine.

Environmentalists and the Havasupai Tribe challenged the Forest Service's determination.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court in saying the groups lacked standing. But in a revised decision issued Thursday said the groups' claim survives under another federal law and must be decided on the merits.