Flake Supports Bill to Increase Purchase Age for AR-15 Rifles

Feb 21, 2018

Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake is working on a bill to raise the age limit for purchasing AR-15 semi-automatic rifles. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports, it follows last week’s school shooting in Florida that left 17 students and faculty dead. 

A man opened fire on more than 20 members of Congress, including Sen. Jeff Flake, in June during a baseball practice in Virginia.
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Currently, federal law allows anyone 18 and older to buy an AR-15-style rifle like the one allegedly used last week in the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre. But according to a tweet Wednesday by Senator Flake, he believes the minimum age for non-military buyers should be 21, the requirement for purchasing a handgun.

He’s collaborating on the bipartisan bill with California Democrat Diane Feinstein and hasn’t commented further on the proposal.

Flake himself experienced gun violence last summer when a man opened fire on Congressional Republicans during a baseball practice in Virginia. He was unhurt but assisted wounded Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise.

Meanwhile, President Trump has ordered the Justice Department to issue regulations on so-called “bump stocks,” which allow semi-automatic weapons to fire fully automatically.