Furloughs And Pay Cuts Coming For NAU Employees

May 29, 2020

The President of Northern Arizona University is responding to community pressure to divulge specific details of the university's budget plans after a slew of employees lost their jobs last week, some long-time employees who say they were blindsided by the move. 

A demonstrator at this week's protest in Flagstaff about job cuts at Northern Arizona University
Credit KNAU/Melissa Sevigny

In a statement released Thursday night, President Rita Cheng said NAU is facing a potential budget shortfall of more than $100 million due to declining enrollment and the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Cheng said the university anticipates current employees will be furloughed between 5-15 days during the upcoming fiscal year, or a 5-10% pay cut, to be implemented in a tiered process based on employee salaries. Cheng and her executive team will also take a 10% salary reduction. In addition, previously approved sabbaticals are under review and no new applications for sabbaticals will be considered for the next year. A retirement incentive option is also under development with details expected to be released next week.