Governor says Renzi should quit

Phoenix, AZ – Host Intro:

Governor Janet Napolitano says Congressman Rick Renzi should quit -- and soon. Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer reports.

The governor said the issue comes down to whether Renzi can do
his job.

(He hasn't been sitting in committees already for a year. That's
where the work of the House is done. And he's been drawing full
salary during that whole time. But at a certain point the people
who live in his district are entitled to have a full-time working

Napolitano acknowledged Renzi's contention he is innocent of
charges he used his official position to force a company to buy a
piece of land from a business partner. But she said it's going to
take Renzi's full-time attention to clear his name. Napolitano
also noted state law calls for a special election if Renzi, who
is not seeking reelection, quits by May 4. If it's later than
that, the seat has to remain vacant until his successor is chosen
in November. She said there are lots of important issues being
debated between now and then ranging from the budget and health
care to the war.

(If he waits until after May the 4th what he's basically said is
I'm going to let the people of the district who sent me to
Washington be unrepresented until the next session of the
Congress. I understand the give and take. But, on balance, I
think that's wrong.)

At this point, though, Renzi's office has indicated no change in
his decision to stay. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard