Grand Canyon National Park Reaches 6 Million Visitors in 2016

Dec 13, 2016

Grand Canyon National Park has surpassed its visitation record for the second year in a row.

Cars line up at Grand Canyon National Park's South Rim entrance.
Credit NPS

The Arizona Daily Sun reports that the park announced Monday that it had received its 6 millionth visitor, meaning a 9 percent increase over the 5,520,736 visitors from 2015. The park believes its traffic is up this year because the National Park Service is celebrating its centennial and has increased seen increased marketing for the event.

But 2015 was also record-breaking for the park: It is the first time more than 5 million people visited the park in a year.

Grand Canyon hit the 4 million visitor mark in 1992.

The 6 millionth visitors were the Johnson family from Las Vegas, who were visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time.