Health Experts Recommend Postponing Mammograms After COVID-19 Vaccination

Feb 22, 2021

Health experts recommend that women who have been recently vaccinated against COVID-19 should delay mammograms for at least a month, when possible. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports.

Credit Society of Breast Imaging

Some people who receive the Moderna or Pfizer COVID vaccine experience swollen lymph nodes as a side effect. Experts warn that can be misidentified as a sign of breast cancer during screenings.

Dr. Jessica Leung is the president of the nonprofit Society of Breast Imaging. "Just like when we hear about symptoms such as a fatigue or muscle aches as a normal response to the vaccination, this can also be a normal response that we see in some women," Leung says. "Just note that it is your body’s way of mounting an immune response, which is desired."

Leung adds it’s critical to not miss a breast cancer diagnosis and women should not skip their screenings. If a delay isn’t possible, she says people should tell their doctor when they were vaccinated and in what arm. Swollen lymph nodes can also be a rare side effect of other vaccines, including the flu vaccine.

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