House Sends Cellphone Driving Ban to Governor

Apr 18, 2019

A proposal banning the use of hand-held cellphones by drivers across Arizona is on the way to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey's desk following a vote by the Arizona House.


Thursday's 44-16 vote on the harshest of three proposals debated by House lawmakers comes after years of inaction by the Republican-controlled legislature on the growing problem of distracted driving caused by cellphone use. Ducey has pledged to sign the measure, which takes effect in January 2021.

Until then, cellphone use bans in more than two dozen cities can still be enforced.

The House also approved a measure that strengthens the state's existing distracted driving law.

The proposal will get a full debate in the Arizona Senate Thursday and then a vote. 

The House rejected a bill banning held-held cellphone use that didn't allow police to make a traffic stop just for that reason.