Johnson Fire Crews Have 'Successful Day' Thursday

Sep 26, 2019

Officials on the Johnson Fire say they’re close to having the 166-acre fire under control.


Credit Prescott National Forest Facebook page

The fire is listed as 46% contained, and crews have completed handlines around the fire's perimeter.

“We were able to work some of the hotspots on the northern end of the fire and basically eliminate the potential for any spread outside of the containment lines," Cory Carlson, Planning Operations trainee for the team overseeing the fire said in a Facebook video. "So as of this morning, the fire is looking really good.”

He says a storm over the fire, which is eight miles south of Prescott, will likely mean work halts for the day Thursday.

“We don’t plan on putting anyone directly on the fire today," said Carlson. "The roads are slick. We’re expecting more rain today and tonight. We’re just going to monitor the fire today, see what the weather brings, and tomorrow we’ll reassess.”

The fire prompted evacuations nearby last weekend. Those orders were rescinded earlier in the week.