Marine color guard honors Arizona's Centennial

Feb 14, 2012

Snow hung on pine branches as Flagstaff’s Marine Color Guard honored Arizona’s centennial this morning at the Pioneer Museum.

Locals visited the museum throughout the day where a new Centennial exhibit is on display.

The exhibit is a preview of a larger exhibit planned for the spring.

It will showcase each decade of Flagstaff’s history.

Sixty eight-year-old color guard member Johnny Anaya was born and raised in Flagstaff.

He says his favorite memories are of the Flagstaff All-Indian Powwow, which occurred every Fourth of July between 1929 and 1980.

“Those days were days of festivities, so I think those were the best days of my life," he says.

Today’s festivities continue at the Pioneer Museum through 6 o’clock, with bell ringing every hour on the hour.