Meteorites From Fireball Seen Over Arizona Found

Jun 30, 2016

Laurence Garvie, curator of ASU's Center For Meteorite Studies, displays a meteorite he found on his recent trek.

Arizona State University says researchers have found pieces of a small asteroid that left a fiery trail in the sky over eastern Arizona earlier this month.

ASU spokeswoman Beth Giudicessi said Wednesday that a team of meteorite hunters recently located 15 meteorites on tribal lands after getting permission to search.

Working in partnership with the White Mountain Apache Tribe, scholars spent more than 130 hours searching the White Mountains.

ASU Center for Meteorite Studies curator Laurence Garvie says the findings offer a "piece of that giant puzzle about where did we come from."

The tribe will have ownership of the meteorites but ASU will curate them.

Dozens of people reported seeing a fireball in the early morning hours of June 2.

NASA says it was a small asteroid that had broken apart