Minnesota Man, Dog Missing 5 Days Found Near Williams

May 8, 2019

Authorities say a 29-year-old Minnesota man and his dog have been found safe five days after getting lost in a sparsely populated area of Arizona.

Timothy Coen and his dog were found in the 4 Hills Ranch area near Williams five days after going missing.
Credit zillow.com

Coconino County Sheriff's spokesman Jon Paxton says Timothy Coen was found Tuesday near Williams by a resident who recognized him from a missing person report. Coen was reported missing Thursday.

Coen was driving with his dog Harlow when his vehicle broke down in an unfamiliar area. They stayed in an abandoned home while he went out several times seeking help, eventually losing track of the house's location.

The dog was alone for three days while Coen looked for help.

Both Coen and his dog are reported in good health.

Paxton says Coen is trying to repair the vehicle so they can continue on their way.