Party Of 5,000: Forest Service Busts Giant Party On Tonto National Forest

Apr 7, 2021

Authorities say more than 5,000 people gathered last weekend on the Tonto National Forest northeast of Phoenix for an illegal party that was broken up by the U.S. Forest Service.

National Forest law enforcement discovered a party of over 5,000 Saturday near Sycamore Creek on the Tonto National Forest.
Credit Tonto National Forest/Twiter

Officers found the gathering while patrolling in the Sycamore Creek area Saturday night. The Tonto National Forest requires a permit for all gatherings of over 75 people. Violations among partygoers included DUI, double riding, speeding, reckless vehicle operation, staging camps in illegal areas, blocking roadways, illegal use of fireworks and target shooting. Authorities also reported numerous vehicle crashes and thefts. Sections of the area had been blocked by attendees, making it difficult for emergency responders to access the scene.