Play Us A Tune: Graduating In a Pandemic

Jul 9, 2020

In this time of separation and social distancing, there is one thing that can unite nearly all humans on the planet…music. In this week’s installment of Play Us a Tune, we hear from 18-year-old Carson Woodruff, a jazz pianist and music producer from Flagstaff. The pandemic caused an abrupt end to his senior year of high school and uncertainty about what his first semester of college will be like. Those experiences are the inspiration behind Carson’s song Bind, which he wrote just for today’s segment.

Flagstaff-based jazz pianist and music producer, Carson Woodruff
Credit Carson Woodruff

CW:  Quarantine has made it pretty hard for me as a musician because my lifestyle used to be gigging-out on the town, playing performances and recitals, playing in bands, and being able to interact with people in general. It’s gotten a lot harder.

But, with that being said, I have to find ways to cope with this and deal with all the emotional entanglement of quarantine and isolation.

So for today, I wrote a song and I produced it on my digital audio work station, and it is called Bind. This is basically the culmination of a lot of the emotions I’ve been feeling throughout quarantine and through this crisis that we’re facing.

I hope you enjoy. 

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