Poetry Friday: Yoga, Recovery And Poetry

Oct 25, 2019

For many people recovering from addiction, yoga is an effective tool for staying on track with sobriety. In addition to the physical benefits, yoga also calms the mind and improves clarity of thinking. Flagstaff-based yoga teacher Staci Martin teaches a class specifically for people in recovery from addiction to drugs, alcohol, food and behaviors. She herself is in recovery from an eating disorder, and every day Staci posts an original poem on social media for her students. The poems serve as daily inspiration to keep moving forward in their recovery. In this week’s Poetry Friday segment, Staci shares an original poem titled When I’m Ready.


Flagstaff-based yoga teacher Staci Martin in her downtown studio. She teaches a class specifically for people in recovery from addiction.
Credit Staci Martin

SM: I think we’re very aware through media, and beautiful movies, and television…they do a really good job of explaining AA (Alcoholics Anonymous); even if you are a child of an alcoholic, of an alcoholic, or have a friend who’s struggling with addiction…that’s really well known.

But I think what I started to unearth in my recovery process is the eating disorder was not really the problem. It was a symptom of other problems. So I started learning about things called ‘process addictions’ and different underlying behaviors like co-dependency. So I found out that recovery means so many things to so many people.

So, Recovery Yoga is a class – it’s about 75 minutes long – where we come and we do yoga, and then we have a little bit of a minute - a la’ AA or some other recovery programs - to share. Share can be anything: it could be, like, ‘Wow! Today was amazing. I’m so glad I’m here.’ Or, ‘Wow, that reading hit me.’ Or, ‘Wow! Why did I just cry when we did that pose?’ I’m like, ‘Because you’re you, and you can cry anytime you want.’

I think the strongest thing that comes out of recovery yoga is a sense of community and a sense of you not feeling like you’re isolated because addicts…we like to isolate ourselves.

Flagstaff-based yoga teacher, Staci Martin
Credit Staci Martin

I don’t claim to be a great writer. I just write. I feel like sometimes I sit on the studio floor at 6 a.m. drinking tea, and being like, ‘What’s going on right now?’ I check in with myself. What am I feeling? And then it just kind of pours out of me. And I never meant to write a poem a day, but it just kind of happens that way.

I think I’ll read the one from today. Let me preface this, like, couch it for a little bit. A girl who’s lived in the desert for so long, I value the changing of the seasons, especially being in Flagstaff right now. And the one thing about fall, because I think it’s probably one of my favorite seasons, is that watching everything change colors, what we would normally worship about summer now we see the beauty of the death of the fall. And then also how many times – and this comes back to my recovering type-A girl, we resist change. We don’t want the change. Or, we crave the change, but we don’t know how to make the change. So, today’s poem is kind of inspired by that. It’s called When I’m Ready.

There is a time

There is always a time

Time, she waits

And she pushes

And she checks her day planner

And she knows



And there is a time

For everything

For the rise

For the fall

For the crush of hearts

For the burst of love

For the death

For the birth

For life

Flagstaff-based yoga teacher, Staci Martin
Credit Staci Martin


And time she waits

And I will be ready

I am ready

Even when I feel the most

Not ready



And she waits



I may hear far off in the distance

The snapping of fingers

The tapping of toes

And the clucking of




But she waits

Checks her day planner

And waits

And I am the most not ready

Ready babe there ever




So here

We are

In the space

The time

And she waits

Poetry Friday is produced by KNAU's Gillian Ferris. If you have an idea for a segment, drop her an email at Gillian.Ferris@nau.edu. For more information about Recovery Yoga, visit www.yogarevolutionflagstaff.com.