Southwest Celebrates First Day Of Summer With Heat Wave

Jun 20, 2017

A man runs through South Mountain Park at sunrise to avoid the excessive heat in Phoenix.
Credit Matt York/AP

The first day of summer is forecast to bring some of the worst heat the southwestern U.S. has seen in years.

The forecast calls for 119 degrees in Phoenix, where some flights have been cancelled because certain planes can't take off in extreme heat.

Arizona is seeing the most stifling temperatures, but the wrath of the heat wave is being felt across Nevada and California as well.

Las Vegas was forecast to hit 117 on Tuesday and excessive heat warnings cover almost all of California.

Phoenix hit 118 degrees on Monday.

Air conditioning repairmen have been besieged with phone calls from desperate homeowners.

The Associated Press spent Monday morning alongside repairman Alan Schwandt to provide a snapshot into the hectic work necessary in a region heavily reliant on air conditioning.

Schwandt spent his day fielding calls and feverishly crisscrossing the Phoenix metro area to bring relief to flushed residents.

Maricopa County health officials say most heat-related deaths involve people with non-functioning air conditioners.