Survey Shows Most Arizonans Oppose The State Ban On Mask Mandates

Sep 8, 2021

A new survey shows a majority of Arizona voters oppose the law passed by the state Legislature this year banning mask mandates in K-12 public and charter schools.

Gov. Doug Ducey at a briefing in 2020.
Credit Ross D. Franklin/AP, file

According to the Phoenix-based public affairs group HighGround, 59% of respondents statewide said local school districts should make decisions whether to require students and staff to wear masks. About 37.5% supported the law, which was passed as part of this year's state budget and goes into effect at the end of September.

Gov. Doug Ducey had previously banned mask requirements by executive order.

In addition, the poll also found more than 60% of likely voters oppose the governor’s use of federal COVID-19 grant funding to disincentivize school mask requirements.