Trump Voters Thrilled With Promised Action On Border Wall

Jan 27, 2017

Border fence in Nogales Arizona separating the United States from Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
Credit Cronkite News

President Donald Trump's announcement that he is taking steps toward building a U.S.-Mexico border wall was welcome news for voters who say they're glad he is following through on one of his biggest campaign promises.

Trump renewed his vow Wednesday about the wall and increased immigration enforcement.

Peggy Davis, whose cattle ranch near Tombstone, Arizona, is about 25 miles north of the border, was thrilled.

She says stretches of the Arizona border with Mexico desperately need more barriers but a wall alone won't stop illegal crossings.

She believes there must also be more Border Patrol agents closer to Mexico.

Trump said he would start building the wall along the 1,954-mile border and make Mexico pay for it. Mexico says it will not cover the cost.