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Public Service Announcements


KNAU airs public service announcements or PSAs as part of its mission to serve listeners in northern Arizona. These messages air on our livestream and on our radio stations.

Messages that have an affinity with our community, audience, and the common good are eligible to become a PSA, such as:

  • Cultural, educational, environmental, civic engagement, pet, weather, recovery, and health-related messages.

If your message does not fit into either of these categories, KNAU has underwriting opportunities available to spread the word of your event or business. Learn More Here.

Unfortunately, KNAU cannot air PSAs that fall into some categories:

  • Political announcements
  • Promotion for commercial events or businesses, or other events where there is an emphasis on 'selling' or 'bidding'
  • Promotion that includes a solicitation for funds, a solicitation for volunteers to solicit funds, or for promoting a "members only" event
  • Messages that contain event sponsors
  • Specific job postings
  • Pre-recorded PSAs produced by other entities, community calendar announcements, and live-read scripts

Please proofread before submitting information for a PSA. We cannot always check the details of an event and do not take responsibility for inaccurate information.
KNAU reserves the right to determine which PSAs will be selected for broadcast.

Because PSAs are not underwriting spots, we cannot predict when or how many times they will be heard.

PSAs are roughly 20 seconds of written copy (approx 40-50 words). What you should include in your PSA:

  • Name of the event and/or name of the non-profit organization sponsoring or setting up the event
  • A description of the event
  • Location and address
  • Date and time
  • Contact phone number or website for more information
  • Phonetic pronunciation of names if needed
  • A courtesy call or e-mail if the event is changed, canceled, sold out, extended or incorrect

Submit your PSA request by e-mail here with the words "PSA Request" in the subject line.  Thank you!