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Scott Thybony's Canyon Commentaries

  • KNAU commentator Scott Thybony captures his shadow cast on, Methuselah, the oldest living bristlecone pine tree on record.
    Scott Thybony
    In his latest Canyon Commentary, writer Scott Thybony takes us on a trek to see the oldest living pine tree on record. He weaves his adventure together with the history of dendrochronology, a science deeply rooted in northern Arizona.
  • Scott Thybony navigates the Grand Canyon's Redwall Limestone layer
    Courtesy Scott Thybony
    If you were to ask KNAU commentator Scott Thybony what his favorite Grand Canyon rock layer was, he would likely say ‘Redwall Limestone’. He developed a deep appreciation for it years ago on a long trek with his brother. The rock presents stunning, vertical walls that run miles without a break. In his latest Canyon Commentary, Scott shares the story of coming to know this imposing geological formation.