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NHK Asian View
Weekday mornings at 4:01

A production of NHK World Japan, Asian View is a daily wrap-up of the days events on the other side of the world. NHK, the public media organization of Japan, offers this head start on business, politics and culture from a Japanese perspective. It may be early morning in Arizona but Asian View is a daily evening news wrap-up in Tokyo. Not so much what happened while you were asleep, but what happened while Asia was awake.

Founded in 1925 and modeled after the BBC, NHK reorganized into a listener-supported broadcast service in 1950. NHK World reaches millions of listeners every day broadcasting in 17 languages including Spanish, Arabic and Swahili. This international presence is supported by reporters in 31 news bureaus world-wide. Asian VIew is but a tiny fraction of the many broadcast services available from NHK including terrestrial and satellite radio, TV, and online streaming audio and video.