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Napolitano on Governor Palin

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Janet Napolitano said today that Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin probably is facing some sexism
in coverage. But Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer reports that Napolitano said that's no reason to vote for her.

Napolitano noted the attention being paid to Palin's family life,
particularly the fuss over her pregnant 17-year-old daughter. She
said other women in politics have seen it, citing a line used by
former Texas Gov. Ann Richards about running for office.

(If you're not married, you couldn't get a man. If you're
married, you're ignoring your man. If you're divorced, you
couldn't keep your man. And if you're widowed, you killed your
man. So that when a woman runs there does tend to be a different
emphasis with the coveage.)

But Napolitano said McCain chose Palin not just because of her

(Sarah Palin is very much from the far right of the Republican
Party. That's the other reason she was chosen. And her position
on things like choice, on things like teaching creationism in the
schools, on all of, she follows that inventory of issues down the

For the record, as a gubernatorial candidate Palin said schools
should teach both evolution and creationism, though she did not
push the idea after being elected.

For Arizona Public Radio, this is Howard Fischer.