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Napolitano pushing exports

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Janet Napolitano wants the state to do more to promote
exports. But Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer reports
there's a small problem with that.

The governor told members of the Phoenix Committee on Foreign
Relations that Arizona needs, in her words, a new kind of
economy. She said that means reducing the state's dependence on
construction and housing. And Napolitano said one way to do that
is increase exports.

(There are lots of markets out there for all the wonderful things
that we think of and produce right here in our state. And of the
roles that I see my office continuing to play and the governor's
office continuing to play is helping to further some of those

Napolitano said she had planned to lead a trade mission to China
and India. But with tax collections shrinking, that did not

(Quite frankly in the belt-tightening measures we have taken,
trade missions have been part of that belt tightening. This has
not seemed to be a good time to do those sorts of trips. I would
like to get restarted on them because I find them enormously
fruitful. You do make contacts. And that kind of personal one-on-
one with different entities around the world only helps Arizona.)

The governor said she cannot say when trade missions will restart
as the current state deficit could hit $850 million.

For Arizona Public Radio, this is Howard Fischer.