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New abortion restrictions introduced at legislature

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ – Abortion foes are hoping that a new governor gives them a chance
to enact new restrictions.

The proposal by Rep. Nancy Barto would require women to wait 24
hours before terminating a pregnancy and mandate they be told
things like the appearance of the fetus and that that the father
can be forced to pay support. It also would let pharmacists
refuse to dispense emergency contraceptives if it violated their
principles. And it would codify what judges may consider when
deciding if minors are mature enough to get an abortion without
parental consent.

Barto, who opposes abortion, said the bill is
not designed to throw up new roadblocks in the path of women
exercising their legal rights.

(These will not stop one abortion from occurring if a woman wants
to go ahead with it. These are just common sense provisions that
will protect the rights of women, the rights of parents, the
rights of children and the civil rights of medical providers.)

Former Gov. Janet Napolitano previously vetoed all three
provisions. But Barto thinks Jan Brewer will not. Brewer press
aide Paul Senseman would not comment on the bill.

(But I will tell you that the governor has a very strong, solid
track record as pro life.)

Barto already has the backing of 12 of the 30 senators and 27 of
60 representatives.