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Bill would let Arizonans opt out of national health care

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ – A House panel voted today to allow residents of this state to opt
out of any new national health care plan adopted by Congress.

The measure would constitutionally overrule any law or regulation
that would compel any person or company to participate in any
health care system. And it would guarantee that individuals would
have the right to use their own money to purchase services above
and beyond anything provided by the government or private
insurance. Phoenix doctor Eric Novack, who unsuccessfully pushed
a similar ballot measure last year, told members of the House
Comnmittee on Health and Human Services that talk in Washington
of a single-payor health care system is alarming.

(Make no mistake. The very ability for everyone in this room and
your families to seek out the kind of health care you believe is
best is under direct assault. And the risk that you will lose
control over your health and health care has never been greater.)

But Rep. David Bradley said the health care system in this
country is broken and people don't get the treatment they need.
He said before lawmakers here foreclose a national system they
should examine statistics by the World Health Organization.

(Our life expectancy, we're at 24th. Canada and UK are at 12 and
14. Health expenditures as amount of gross domestic product,
we're number one and Canada's number 18. UK's number 41.)

The measure, which now goes to the full House, eventually would
need to be approved by voters next year to take effect.