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Republicans lash out at Governor's veto

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ – The top two Republican legislators are lashing out at Governor
Jan Brewer for her veto of key elements of the state budget.

House Speaker Kirk Adams called the move -- quote -- reckless and
irresponsible. But those comments paled in comparsion with those
of Senate President Bob Burns. His statement said Brewer, who
became governor in January after Janet Napolitano quit -- quote
is having problems managing the level of responsibility to which
she has been elevated.

(I think she's demonsrated that. I mean, to veto a budget that
she agreed to and to put the state in jeopardy of losing our
stimulus money, the possibility of the schools not receiving
their funding, those are pretty serious actions.

Burns also said her veto -- quote -- appears to be a vindictive
retaliation against the Legislature for not rubber-stamping 'her
plan.' Brewer said she zeroed out school funding to get lawmakers
to come back with a more acceptable number. And she said it was
always understood she would sign the Republican budget cuts only
if they ask voters to hike the state sales tax to restore some of
the funding. Burns said the veto was still wrong.

(90 percent of what you get done in compromises, in legislation,
all those things, you don't just throw out the agreement because
of one item that you can't quite get.)

And Burns said the bottom line is the votes just weren't there
for the tax referral.