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State Corporation Commission feeling budget cuts

Phoenix, AZ – The budget approved earlier this year by lawmakers took away
state funding for the agency's incorporating division. But a
provision in another part of the budget allowed it to keep the
$233,000 a month it was collecting in fees. Only thing is, Gov.
Jan Brewer vetoed the bill with that fee provision because she
didn't like another section, the one that would have permanently
repealed the state property tax. On Monday, commissioners voted
to shut the Tucson office of the incorporating division. But more
than Tucson will be affected. 16 division employees are being
moved to other functions. And the remaining workers have to take
off one day without pay every two weeks. Kris Mayes who chairs
the panel, said the time necessary to get the paperwork to set up
a new business will increase.

(Currently it's at 29 days. I think it'll go to 42 in November.
We think it'll go to 55 in December and it escalates from there
every month until it reaches 264 in June, days to process a new

That delay will affect the state's economy: Corporations cannot
do business in Arizona until they have completed paperwork from
the commission. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.