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Symington endorses Munger

Phoenix, AZ – It was less than a month ago the former Republican governor said
he was interested in getting his old job back. He said incumbent
Jan Brewer, was making -- quote -- very poor decisions. But on
Thursday Symington endorsed John Munger. He said that had nothing
to do with a poll last month that showed he would be beaten
handily in a head-to-head race with presumed Democratic nominee
Terry Goddard, citing instead a more recent survey which showed
him just 7 points back.

(Now when I ran against Goddard in 1989 and 1990, I think I was
probably 25 points behind him. And, you know, that's really
nothing. But what it did show was that I could probably win the
Republican primary.)

Symington also said his decision was not affected by his 1997
financial fraud conviction that forced him from office. He called
that old news -- and politically irrelevant.

(I'm used to that. I learned a long time ago that elections are
decided about the future: Where are you going to take the state,
what are going to do to right the ship.)

That conviction was overturned. And Symington avoided a new trial
when President Bill Clinton pardoned him. So why endorse someone

(It's actually fun for me because I don't have to go through the
punsihment he's going to go through. But I can be a part of the
policy, which is what I really love.)

For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.