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Goddard launches exploratory bid for Governor

By Howard Fischer

Flagstaff, AZ – Attorney General Terry Goddard took the first steps Friday toward
making a third bid to become governor. Arizona Public Radio's
Howard Fischer talked with him about the move.

Technically, Goddard is not a candidate. Instead he formed an
exploratory committee to raise money. It also means he doesn't
run afoul of a constitutional provision which bars current office
holders from seeking new posts before the last year of their
terms. In an interview with Arizona Public Radio, the Democrat
said he can provide better leadership than incumbent Republican
Jan Brewer in resolving the state's financial hardship and the
current $2 billion deficit. But he repeatedly sidestepped
questions seeking details.

"Specific proposals are going to have to wait until I become a
candidate, if I make that decision. I'm very disturbed and I
don't deny we have a serious challenge ahead of us."

And he would not say whether he supports Brewer's call to ask
voters to approve a temporary one-cent hike in the state sales
tax, a move she said is necessary while the state and national
economy recovers.

"I want to look at the whole picture. I think we are in an
emergency and we're going to have to find some emergency measures
to deal with it. I may end up being supportive of the temporary.
But I don't know yet and I'm not going to commit on it."

Goddard ran for governor twice before, losing a 1991 general
election runoff to Fife Symington and then failing to get his
party's nod for the 1994 race.