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MVD to close offices

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ – Some motorists are going to have a harder time soon when they
need to get their vehicles registered or a new driver's license.

The state is closing a dozen of their Motor Vehicle Division
offices, from one that serves a lot of customers in midtown
Phoenix to smaller locations in Williams, Fredonia and St. Johns.
ADOT spokesman Doug Nintzel said it's related to the state budget

"MVD customer service staff has been reduced by a third due to
attrition through the hiring freeze and the recently announced
layoffs. You can't avoid an impact on services when those types
of cuts occur."

Nintzel said his agency used a variety of factors in determining
which 12 of the 61 offices statewide will be shuttered.

"That includes really the number of customers served at any
particular office, really a review of the condition of the
facility because a number of them are in disrepair, and the
availability of alternative service locations including some of
the third-party providers. Really, there are no perfect answers

But Nintzel said the closures do not necessarily mean longer
drives for motorists. He said the state already contracts with
some private firms to handle routine transactions like vehicle
registration and driver license renewals. And many of these also
can be done online.