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Goddard Expresses Doubts on Pending Immigration Legislation

Phoenix, AZ – The House has approved what would be the toughest law targeting
illegal immigrants in the country. One provision would require
police to determine whether those they come into official contact
with are in this country legally. Another would make it a state
crime to be an illegal immigrant and not have an alien
registration card. Attorney General and gubernatorial hopeful
Terry Goddard said he's concerned about civil rights
implications. Sen. Russell Pearce countered that the bill says
race can't be the sole factor in questioning someone. But it can
be a factor.

(90 percent of illegal immigrants, illegal aliens in Arizona come
from south of the border. So it certainly may be a factor when
you get to that point. But it will not be a sole factor. You've
got to have a lawful contact. You have to have reason to believe.
That's just more fodder for the left. He's pandering to his
group. That's absolutely a lie.)

But Goddard said that's not his only concern, citing his recent
trade trip to Washington.

(One of the major questions we got there was 'What's Arizona
doing with these local efforts to take over federal law?' And
that's troubling to the investment community,'' he continued. "So
I think we need to be very conscious of what this can do to our
image as a state across the country.)

The bill could get a final Senate vote as early as Monday. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.