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State Senators Give Final Approval on Immigration Measure

Phoenix, AZ – The most sweeping part of the legislation would overrule any
policy or practice of a city council or police department that
keeps officers from enforcing federal immigration laws. It also
says that, when practicable, police must inquire about the
immigration status of those they encounter as part of their
regular activities. Sen. Thayer Verschoor said Arizona needs to
take action because the federal government has not secured the
international border.

(We've had an abdication of our federal government's
responsibility to enforce immigration laws here, protect our
borders, protect us from the criminals that are crossing our
borders, who are killing our citizens, who are robbing their
homes, invading their homes.)

Sen. Rebecca Rios said she agrees the federal government is not
doing its jobs. But she said this is not the answer.

(This bill does nothing to address human smuggling, the drug
cartels, the arms smuggling. My concern is, it creates a lot of
negative effects that none of us here want, doesn't address the
bigger issue. And, yes, I believe it will create somewhat of a
police state.)

The last word is up to Gov. Jan Brewer who was noncommital,
saying she wants to review the language before deciding whether
to sign or veto it. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard