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State is One Step Closer to Keeping Incandescents

Phoenix, AZ – The legislation would allow the manufacture of those familiar
incandescent light bulbs in Arizona even after federal law
effectively makes that illegal beginning in 2014. Sen. Frank
Antenori said he is rebelling against Congress trying to regulate
everything under the excuse of interstate commerce.

(This is about protecting our sovereignty as a state and the
rights of the citizens we represent. And that's what we're doing.
And it's driving them guys batty, and I know it's driving them
batty, because we're standing up to them and people are starting
to push back to all those crazy cockamamie ideas they've rul all
these years.)

The move follows Gov. Jan Brewer making Arizona the third state
in the nation to let anyone carry a concealed weapon without a
permit. Since that time the House voted to require presidential
contenders to produce valid birth certificates. And the state has
gained national attention with new laws aimed at illegal
immigration. Sen. Ken Cheuvront said this bill and its timing are

(We have been made the laughingstock of the country, if not the
world. Do we need another bill that really is not going to
accomplish anything except for putting us on the Jon Stewart

But the Senate voted Tuesday to give the measure preliminary
approval. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.