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State Economic Pressure Continues to Mount in Wake of New Immigration Law

Phoenix, AZ – There has been no shortage of calls by groups to cancel travel to
Arizona because of the bill to give police more power to arrest
illegal immigrants. But on Friday a coalition of organizations
said they would work not only to coordinate those but to expand
the scope of the reprisals. Former state Sen. Alfredo Gutierrez
said companies and retirement systems need to be convinced to
stop investing here.

(Our goal, very quickly, is a sad one. It is to bring to a
shocking stop the economy of the state of Arizona until the
business community, until people of good will realize that this
law will not be accepted.)

Gov. Jan Brewer who signed the legislation, said she doesn't
think the pressure will work.

(No. I actually believe that it's more or less thoughtless and
harmful to innocent people in the state of Arizona.)

But Gutierrez said Latinos are prepared to accept the short-term

(We understand that our people are inordinately the dishwashers
and the bus boys for the hospitality industry. But we also
understand it is they themselves who are mothers and fathers of
children in this state, they themselves who are are asking for
this boycott.)

For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.