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The Reverend Al Sharpton Protests Immigration Bill in Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ – The Rev. Al Sharpton is protesting a new law which requires
police to investigate when they have reasonable suspicion someone
is in the country illegally. Speaking to an overflow crowd at a
Phoenix church, Sharpton said the first effort will be to get the
law overturned. But he said like the civil rights fights of the
1960s, court battles won't be the end of it.

(I want you to know that from all over this country we will bring
people into Arizona. We're going to bring them in the spirit of
the Freedom Riders. And we're going to walk the streets of
Arizona, freedom walkers, arm in arm. And if you lock up one
you'll have to lock us all up.)

Sharpton said this can't simply be seen as a Latino issue as it
would open the door to discrimination against all.

(And let me say this to my African-American or black brothers or
sisters that think this is not your fight. Let me tell you
something: After dark, we all look Mexican riding down the

Sharpton then led a march to the Capitol wearing a Los Suns
jersey. The uniforms were ordered by Suns' owner Robert Sarver
for Wednesday's playoff game which was held on Cinco de Mayo. But
Sarver said the uniforms were sought by his players in protest of
the new law. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.